Wilmington NC

Connected Fiber is renowned for helping telecommunication companies supply their customers with the best and latest fiber optic technologies. We provide a wide range of services, including fiber optic cable installation in Wilmington, North Carolina.

If you need a reliable company to install fiber optics to current or prospective customers in the Wilmington area, we have the tools, work force and expertise to handle all jobs, both big and small. We have worked for some of the largest titans in the industry, including Verizon and Time Warner Cable.

In addition, if your customer’s fiber optic connection is lost to due to a vicious storm, a power outage or some other type of occurrence, we have an emergency restoration team on call ready to diagnose, fix the issue and get your customers connected again.

We are routinely called upon to perform fiber optic testing, fiber optic splicing, fiber optic terminations and more. See our services page for a more in-depth look of all we provide.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with the experts at Connected Fiber, contact us today.