Why IT Professionals Prefer Fiber Optics

IT Professionals More and more IT professionals are choosing to install fiber optic cables over the copper cables that have traditionally been used to create networks. Why is that? Well, for one, fiber optic cables have proven to transmit data substantially faster than copper cables. Fiber optic cables use light to move data around, and that makes them quicker. But that’s not the only reason why IT professionals are choosing fiber optic cables. Here are several other reasons.

Fiber optic cables don’t lose their signal strength as quickly as copper cables.

When copper cables are forced to transmit data over a long distance, they end up losing a lot of their signal strength. IT professionals refer to this as low attenuation, and it can obviously be problematic for companies that need cables capable of carrying data over longer distances. Data doesn’t break down in fiber optic cables like it does in copper cables, which, outside of speed, is one of the biggest benefits of using them.

Fiber optic cables aren’t a fire hazard like copper cables.

When companies use copper cables, they are relying on electricity to transmit data. Anytime you count on electricity for anything, there is obviously a fire risk that comes along with it. This same fire risk is not present when fiber optic cables are utilized since light will not catch on fire when transmitting data.

Fiber optic cables don’t break as often as copper cables do.

Fiber optic cables and copper cables can both wear down and break over time. But despite the fact that fiber optic cables are comprised of glass, they break a whole lot less often than copper cables do. This means that IT professionals won’t be forced to make unnecessary repairs when they go with fiber optic cables.

There are so many different advantages to using fiber optic cables over copper cables. It’s why many IT professionals have started to turn their attention to fiber optic cables. If your company would like to find out more about the benefits of using fiber optic cables over copper cables, Connected Fiber can help. Call us at 910-443-0532 today and ask about the fiber optic services we can provide for you.

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