Why Fiber Optics Are the Future

Fiber Optic Networks in our LivesFor more than 100 years now, the United States has relied on metal wires to send information by transmitting electricity. However, as the country has evolved, it has become clear that metal wires are simply not going to be able to keep up with all of the signals being sent through them on a regular basis. Many of these metal wires are already reaching the end of their life cycles, and they are having trouble delivering clear signals due to what is called impedance, which is electrical friction that causes a signal to break down as it travels over a great distance.

As such, fiber optics—or specialized fibers that carry signals made of light—are likely  to continue replace traditional metal wires and become the future of communication. Here are a few other additional reasons why:

Fiber optics transmit information more effectively than metal wires.

When metal wires transmit information, they create a small amount of heat. This heat causes damage to the wires over time and eventually makes them useless. They often need to be replaced. But with fiber optics, data is transmitted through the use of light, which doesn’t create any heat in most cases. As a result, there is a much lower chance of fiber optics needing to be replaced.

Fiber optics are more energy efficient than metal wires.

As you might expect, it takes a lot more energy to send electrical signals through metal wires than it does to send light through fiber optics. There are also nodes that have to be installed regularly to help metal wires transfer information over longer distances, which isn’t usually the case with fiber optics. This makes fiber optics a greener option than metal wires.

Fiber optics are already being used by many large companies.

There are quite a few big DSL and cable providers across the country that have already adopted fiber optics, and more are expected to join them soon. These providers are seeing all the benefits that come along with using fiber optics, and they have decided not to wait until it’s too late in the game to use them.

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