Why Fiber Optic Cables Are Superior to Copper

Copper Cables Vs Fiber Optics There are more and more businesses all across the country choosing to install fiber optic cables rather than traditional copper ones when setting up networks. Moreover, there are also many communication companies opting to offer their customers fiber optic cable networks. Do you know why that is? Here are some of the reasons fiber optic cables are proving to be a better option than copper.

Fiber optic cables transmit data more quickly than copper.

Fiber optic cables and copper cables can both be used to transmit data. However, if speed is important to you—and really, who doesn’t value speed in 2018?—then you want to use fiber optic cables. Light travels very quickly through fiber optic cables and allows them to transmit data substantially quicker than copper cables can. It’s the No. 1 reason why most businesses have turned to fiber optics in recent years.

Fiber optic cables aren’t susceptible to electromagnetic interference like copper.

If copper cables aren’t installed properly, they can cause electromagnetic interference, or EMI, to form. It can wreak havoc on neighboring networks and cause real issues for those who need to transmit data. With fiber optic cables, this won’t be a concern at all since they don’t cause EMI. You can use fiber optics without worrying about any interference taking place.

Fiber optic cables are more durable than copper.

Even though fiber optic cables are made out of glass, they are surprisingly sturdy and will not need to be replaced anywhere near as often as copper cables will. Copper cables can wear out much more quickly and require replacement. These days, most companies that have relied on copper cables in the past have replaced them with fiber optic cables as a result.

Connected Fiber can help you install the fiber optic cables your company needs to transmit data quicker than ever before. If you would like to learn about some of the other benefits of using fiber optic cables, call us at 910-443-0532 today.

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