What is America’s Leader in Public Fiber Optics Infrastructure?

America internetThe city of Chanute, KS is a small community that is home to less than 10,000 people. However, this area situated in the southeastern portion of Kansas is poised to become one of the country’s leaders in public fiber optics infrastructure and blazingly fast Internet connection speeds for residents.

As this article published by The Chanute Tribune reports, the Chanute City Commission will discuss the potential of installing fiber optics cables to home networks as a division of the city’s utilities. The City of Chanute would be assigned as the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for this fiber optics system, which could connect city residents to the Internet at speeds of one gigabit per second.

For this incredibly fast Internet service, residential users would pay about $40 per month; those classified as residential-outside consumers would pay $50 per month, and commercial businesses would pay $75 per month. Officials quoted in the above story compared these prices favorably to those offered for Google Fiber in communities like Kansas City.

Although telephone and video services would also be transmitted through the city’s fiber optics cable, those communications would be handled by third-party providers that pay Chanute a fee to use the network. The impacts of this system are being lauded by community members, especially those who see its importance in connecting students and medical patients to the resources that they need.

Any of the scenarios being discussed by the Chanute City Commission would cost millions of dollars, and the two most popular options are each priced at more than $10 million. In either case, the net value of the entire system is estimated to have a net worth of at least $25 million over the course of 20 years.

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