What Can Affect the Longevity of Your Fiber Optic Network?

Fiber Optic NetworksMore and more people are starting to see all of the benefits that come along with installing fiber optic networks. As a result, many home and business owners are turning to fiber optics for all of their connectivity needs. They are using fiber optic network to connect TVs, computers, and many other electronics. However, there are some people who are concerned about how long fiber optic networks might last in the grand scheme of things, since they are made, in part, of glass. Take a look at a few of the factors that could impact how long your specific network lasts.


The fiber inside of fiber optic cables have surface flaws that can cut down on their overall lifespan. Fortunately, those who manufacture the cables have figured out a simple way to reduce these flaws and to protect the cables as a whole. Fiber optic cables typically come coating in a protective material that is designed to make the fibers more durable. You should invest in fiber optic cables that utilize the most protective materials in order to ensure your cables last longer.


Pulling fiber optic cables during the installation process can cause them stretch and can actually cut down on their lifespan right from the very start. The stretching can wear the cables out and put an unnecessary strain on them. Instead, fiber optic cable installers should push cables during the installation process, as this is a much safer way of installing them.


There are a range of environmental factors that can affect the lifespan of a fiber optic cable network. Too much heat, for example, can reduce the life of the cables. Exposure to water can also lead to problems with a fiber optic network down the line. By reducing the effects that the environment has on fiber optic cables, you can make a fiber optic network last a lot longer.

A reliable fiber company can usually tell you about how long your fiber optic network will last based on the factors listed above. Connected Fiber is an experienced company that can answer any questions you have about fiber optic cables and provide you with excellent fiber optic services. To ask a question or to schedule a service, call us at 910-443-0532 today.

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