The Weak Spot in America’s Internet Infrastructure

We’ve all experienced simple power outages and internet connectivity issues, but there have been a few times where an outage was not caused by a natural disaster or a simple accident. The U.S. wired internet infrastructure is weak, but so is internet infrastructure all over the world.

It doesn’t take much to bring it all down. Earlier this year, criminals decided to cut a fiber optic cable located in an Arizona desert. Unfortunately, this cut off internet access for thousands of people, but that’s not even the biggest issue this event brought to light. Many officials are concerned because there are no backups in place when something like this happens, and there could be more widespread incidents in the future.

22094257_SOf course, most of the major cities around the country have stable backup systems that people can rely on. Whether someone intentionally cuts a cable or a storm knocks out power for a few hours, backup systems can ensure people stay up and running. And in today’s world, that’s becoming increasingly important. While some may argue we are too connected, the truth is that people rely on the internet for serious reasons every day. Not having access for a few hours, let alone a few days or weeks, could be a huge problem.

The real issue is in places like this area in Arizona where no backup system exists. Even many towns that now have access to fiber optic internet do not have backup systems, which present an interesting problem. Residents have a fast connection when it works, but when it’s down they have no options. This is especially bad where fiber optic is concerned, because it can take up to a few days to replace the cables.

Not only do we hope to see more access to fiber optic internet around the country, but we also hope to see more backup systems put in place to ensure people are never left in the dark.


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