The State of Fiber Optic Internet in the United States

12788279_SMany people see fiber optic technology playing an even larger role in the future, and for good reason. Several regions of the country rely on optical fiber for a number of reasons including everything from light sources to internet connections. In fact, having access to optical fiber can accomplish much more than many people realize. Here’s some of the latest news regarding fiber optics in the United States.

According to this article courtesy of, several civic and business leaders from Southern California made a case for why the key to the region’s future lies with fiber optics.

Hosted by the California Emerging Technology Fund, these leaders met for several days to discuss the advantages of optical fiber and how the technology could be used to benefit the region. A major sticking point of the conference was the “digital dive,” and how it could be closed. With some areas of the world gaining access to faster and faster internet, it becomes only more apparent that many people are still stuck with slow connections or none at all.

The leaders argued that having access to fast internet is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. The internet is not just used for entertainment or news. Many of the attendees argued that people need it for business, communication, and more.

Of course, one of the main goals of the conference was to underline the importance of bringing optical fiber to the southern California region. Some of the business leaders at the event believe the area could become the next Orange County, as long as the technology is there to attract businesses and individuals alike.

In other parts of the country, Google is solidifying its fiber optic footing. According to this article, the corporate behemoth is bring high-speed internet to a number of cities and states.

13709908_SGoogle first brought its high-speed internet services to residents of Kansas City in 2011, and after that was a success they hope to do the same with almost 20 other cities in the coming months and years.

Google recently announced that some of the cities that they will be moving in to include Nashville, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta. These cities and others comprise five major metropolitan areas that Google Fiber will be coming to shortly.

So, besides the existing residents have access to faster internet, why exactly is this good news? Well, research suggests that many business owners are willing to relocate to acquire faster speeds. Not to mention, that startups and entrepreneurs are more common in areas that are well connected. Getting a business off the ground without fast internet access, or no internet access at all is almost impossible in today’s world.

For example in Kansas City alone more than 100 businesses have either launched or relocated in the area connected by Google Fiber. We expect that similar relocations and launches will take place in these five other major metro areas, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for communities that are able to take full advantage of fiber optics.

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