The Role of Fiber Optics in the Future

Fiber Optics and the FutureFiber optic cables are already playing a gigantic part in the advancement of technology throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. The cables, which contain glass fibers that are only about the width of a human hair, are capable of transmitting data at speeds that were previously unthinkable. They are far superior to copper cables and other cables used to transmit data, and they are allowing Americans who use fiber optic networks to move data around at a ridiculously fast pace.

However, the most amazing part about fiber optics might just be that the best is still yet to come. While millions of people are already enjoying the benefits of fiber optic cables, there are going to be even faster broadband speeds available soon, both in the U.S. and abroad, thanks to fiber optics. These speeds will make it even easier to stream TV and music, download and upload data, and more. Fiber optics are also going to lead the way as wireless carriers roll out 5G connectivity in the coming years. 5G networks are going to help people access data quicker on their smartphones and mobile devices, and they’re going to be powered, in part, by fiber optic cables.

The development of advanced smart technology is also going to be fueled by the growth of fiber optics. While more and more people are starting to incorporate smart technology into their homes, there are going to be even more smart devices introduced in the coming years. Fiber optics will be used to get them up and running. “Smart cities” are also expected to become more prominent with entire cities installing smart devices around town to make life easier on residents. It will take fiber optic cables to keep these devices connected so they can be used.

Artificial intelligence and cloud networks are also expected to start impacting the world even more than they already are. The rise of machines is likely going to happen sooner than later, and it is going to require fiber optics in some form or fashion. Fiber optic networks will play an integral part in the growth of AI, and people will soon know just how essential fiber optic cables and networks are to the world.

Fiber optics will change life as we know it, so there will be times when companies and individuals will need fiber optic services. That is where Connected Fiber can step in and deliver. Call us at 910-443-0532 today to speak with someone about the services we  provide.

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