The NFL and Fiber Optics

The ability to quickly send data that can be viewed and analyzed by important officials is useful in many applications, as we’ve discussed here on the Connected Fiber blog. Data moves at the speed of light in fiber optics systems, providing some of the highest speeds imaginable. In recent months, many high-profile organizations have been starting to implement fiber optics in ways that consumers may start noticing soon.

refAs this article published by ProFootballTalk reports, the National Football League will be incorporating fiber optics throughout the entire organization over the next year. These data systems will be used to enhance video replay tools used by game officials every week.

Officials working directly at the NFL video review headquarters have to make difficult decisions regarding close calls every Sunday. By sending video feeds through a fiber optics system, league officials can review calls in real-time and take their time in making the correct decision without holding up a game for too long.

These systems have been in use in other sports leagues, including the National Hockey League, for some time now. However, the presence of a sports organization as large and as recognizable as the National Football League certainly helps legitimize fiber optics as a useful technology. Enabling one team of officials to provide effective replay reviews for every game from the New York City league headquarters would definitely be a noticeable impact of fiber optics in our world.

As any customer of fiber optics will tell you, the data speeds that can be achieved through these systems can impact business and organizational operations in great ways. Distance, often an enemy to digital transmission speeds, becomes a much lesser issue when using pulses of light to transmit data. Through fiber optics, multiple facilities which are located far away from each other can conduct business in the blink of an eye.

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