The Importance of Jobsite Safety

Safety on the JobsiteFiber optics are used to keep many of the technological tools that we use in our homes and  businesses up and running at all times. From internet service and cable TV to surveillance systems and cell phone service, it’s just about impossible to use any form of technology these days without the use of fiber optics. It’s why installing fiber optics properly and then maintaining fiber optics networks on a regular basis is so important. Connected Fiber can help you with all of your fiber optics needs and do everything from emergency restoration to fiber optic splicing and termination.

When you call on our company to provide you with fiber optics services, we will do our best to maintain a safe job site. We have a walk-through inspection checklist that is designed to help our fiber optics experts to work safely at all times, so you won’t have to worry about safety on our job sites. The checklist calls for our employees to put up required postings in areas where they are clearly visible and identify emergency exits. It also calls for employees to practice good housekeeping and free work areas of clutter while providing easy access to first aid kits, drinking water, cooling areas, sanitation, illumination, and more. We also require the use of personal fall arrest systems and ask employees to use tools, electrical equipment, and portable ladders that are in good working condition.

Overall, we want our job sites to be as safe as possible both for our employees and for those home and business owners who call on us for our services. Connected Fiber has been helping people meet their fiber optics needs for 20 years now, and owner Craig Cleveland strives to assist home and business owners with fiber optics without putting their safety at risk. If you are in need of fiber optics services, call us at 910-443-0532 today and ask us how we can be of assistance to you.

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