The Advantages of Fiber Optics Over Copper Cables

Fiber Optic CablesThere is a reason why many cable, telephone, and internet providers have made the switch from copper cables to fiber optics. Fiber optic cables have a range of advantages that make them beneficial for both the companies and all of their customers. In the future, you’re likely going to see a lot more corporations and businesses making the change to fiber optics. Here are just a few of the reasons why fiber optics are far superior to copper cables.

Better Bandwidth

When copper cables were first put into operation by many companies, they were primarily used to make voice calls. So they didn’t need to be able to transmit large amounts of data at once. But as people have started to communicate in new ways, bandwidth has become a real concern, and bottom line, copper cables are not able to provide the bandwidth people need to move data from one point to the next. Fiber optics are better equipped to handle the job.

Better Performance Over Long Distances

When you send a signal through a copper cable, it will start to degrade over time. You won’t run into this problem when you use fiber optics. There are some fiber optic connections that can move data for many miles without affecting the signal at all. You probably won’t need to test fiber optic cables over that distance if you are installing them in an office, but it’s nice to know that fiber optics can carry signals and data reliably.

Better Security

All businesses are concerned about security these days, and with fiber optics, you will get the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your data is secure. You can intercept data from copper cables easily by connecting taps to the cables to reveal electronic signals inside of them. But it’s nearly impossible to do the same with fiber optics since they rely on light transmissions that are hard to intercept.

Do these fiber optic features sound good to you? Then you should considering using fiber optics in your business. You should also learn more about the other advantages that come along with using fiber optic cables. Call Connected Fiber at 910-443-0532 today to get more information on how fiber optics work and what they can do to help your company.

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