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Reconstructing America in Fiber Optics

Looks like the suits in Washington DC are finally taking notice regarding the fiber optics and the way they’re changing how we communicate in this country and the whole world. While it’s happening bit by bit, it is expected that in a few short years, fiber optics will be crisscrossing this land from coast to… Read more »

America Lags Behind


While we discussed America lagging behind in a previous blog post, we feel it’s important enough to warrant another post. After all, the Internet and connection speed are the lifeblood of a successful, productive and happy society. As this article published by Cleveland Scene reports, the United States ranks 31st among all countries in terms… Read more »

Slower Networks in America

fiber optic service

It’s a bit surprising to hear but America is not the number one place to be when it comes to high-speed internet. In fact, we aren’t even in the top five for countries that have great internet. It hurts even worse when you look at the numbers in terms of costs. The average American pays… Read more »