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Protecting Your Electronics from Power Outages

Power Outage

Unfortunately no electronics plugged into your wall sockets are immune to power outages, even those connected by fiber optic cables. In most cases, a power outage won’t cause any damage to your electronic devices, but you shouldn’t count on this outcome every time the lights go out. Even if it happens rarely, a power outage… Read more »

Reconstructing America in Fiber Optics

Looks like the suits in Washington DC are finally taking notice regarding the fiber optics and the way they’re changing how we communicate in this country and the whole world. While it’s happening bit by bit, it is expected that in a few short years, fiber optics will be crisscrossing this land from coast to… Read more »

The Many Benefits and Advancements That Fiber Optics Have on Humanity


In this blog, we have discussed the many benefits and advancements that fiber optics have on humanity, like how they’re helping monitor the way we move our bodies. Or like how they’re providing more bandwidth for military and commercial aircraft. Or like how fiber optics are changing the very fabric of National Parks, including Yellowstone,… Read more »

Fiber Optics Positively Affect the World

Rural fiber optics

As we’ve reported before, advances in fiber optic technologies, across all sectors, are rapidly and positively affecting the world as we know it. James A. Harrington, a professor of materials science and engineering at Rutgers University, is now being recognized for his contributions to fiber optic technology and applications. He has just been awarded the… Read more »

Fiber Optic Technology Is Evolving so Quickly

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic technology is evolving so quickly that agencies like the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) and Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) are having difficulty maintaining a certification program for installers and providers that is relevant and up-to-standard. With fiber optic tech becoming the norm for military and commercial aircraft and the need for more bandwidth becoming… Read more »

Other Fiber Optics Benefits

Connecting the World

There is no quicker way to transmit data through the Internet than to connect your computer to a network using fiber optics cable technologies. The bursts of light sending data through this networking equipment offers rates of connectivity never before seen in the world of information technology, a benefit that we’re quick to point out… Read more »

Home Networks Implemented by Fiber Optics and Not Copper Wiring

Fiber Optics Internet

  All over the country, communities are making the investment necessary to install fiber optics infrastructures that can connect users to the Internet at incredibly fast speeds. Within the home, however, many things remain the same where home networking cable installation is concerned. When a homeowner calls a technician to install an Internet connection for… Read more »