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AT&T Brings Gigabit Internet to Several More US Cities

Fiber Optic Emergency Restoration Repairs

Google might be scaling back its fiber optic network deployment for now, but that doesn’t mean other telecom companies are curbing their own ambitions of bringing fiber to the home. In fact, Google’s announcement may have provided an added incentive for companies like Verizon and AT&T to aggressively pursue fiber optic deployment in new untapped… Read more »

AT&T Competing With Google for Fiber Superiority

AT&T Competing With Google for Fiber Superiority

Over the course of the past decade, Google has made a habit of trying to disrupt the business models of traditional carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. Their Google Fiber service, in particular, is tailor-made to provide stiff competition for big name ISPs. Now, AT&T is fighting back by expanding its GigaPower fiber optic service… Read more »

Google Expands Fiber Optic Internet Service

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At Connected Fiber, we like to think of this blog as a resource for all things fiber optics, which can be a bit arduous at times, because the fiber optics industry is constantly changing and improving. It is evolving before our very eyes and that’s a very exciting thing. It’s not every day that you… Read more »

Trial Cities for Google Fiber

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama is paving the way – both figuratively and literally – in city infrastructure. Mayor Walt Maddox has stated that city infrastructure is like a stool that community development rests on. Before the digital age, the four legs of that stool were roads, water, sewer, and storm drainage. The reallocation of digital and Wi-Fi… Read more »

Pacific Fiber Optic Cable

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One of the world’s most massive Internet projects is about to be undertaken by Google, perhaps the world’s most innovative company involved in Internet-based services and products. Here at Connected Fiber, we find it encouraging that this project, which will connect cities on other side of the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean, will primarily… Read more »