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A Look at Google’s Project Fi

Google is a far reaching company that is involved in a wide variety of fields and technology sectors. Now, with the announcement of Project Fi, Google is finally entering the cellular phone service industry. But just what exactly is Project Fi and what does Google hope to accomplish with it? We’re here to take a… Read more »

What’s up with Your WiFi?

What's Up with Your WIFI

America has a problem (that could very well be the understatement of the year!), but it’s not what you think it is. It’s not a headline grabbing social issue like the vaccination problem or a hot little tidbit regarding the next presidential election. It deals with your computer and the internet. No, we’re not talking… Read more »

Google Expands Fiber Optic Internet Service

city view

At Connected Fiber, we like to think of this blog as a resource for all things fiber optics, which can be a bit arduous at times, because the fiber optics industry is constantly changing and improving. It is evolving before our very eyes and that’s a very exciting thing. It’s not every day that you… Read more »

The Many Benefits and Advancements That Fiber Optics Have on Humanity


In this blog, we have discussed the many benefits and advancements that fiber optics have on humanity, like how they’re helping monitor the way we move our bodies. Or like how they’re providing more bandwidth for military and commercial aircraft. Or like how fiber optics are changing the very fabric of National Parks, including Yellowstone,… Read more »

Fiber Optics to Help Monitor the Way We Move Our Bodies


Fiber optic technology has been revolutionizing industries across medical and scientific sectors for decades, but 2015 is ushering forth an entirely new application for itself: smart fashion. Cambridge Consultants have designed a new product, XelfleX, which is a textile designed to monitor the way we move our bodies on a level we’ve never been able… Read more »

What Is Fiber Optic Cable, and How Does It Work?

Fiber Optics Audit

So what exactly are fiber optic cables? And why are these cables so much better than traditional copper wiring for transmitting data? Well, the primary difference is the material used in transmission. Fiber optic cables are made of glass or plastic, roughly the size of a human hair. Copper wires are much bigger and, obviously,… Read more »

Fiber Optics Positively Affect the World

Rural fiber optics

As we’ve reported before, advances in fiber optic technologies, across all sectors, are rapidly and positively affecting the world as we know it. James A. Harrington, a professor of materials science and engineering at Rutgers University, is now being recognized for his contributions to fiber optic technology and applications. He has just been awarded the… Read more »

Fiber Optic Technology Is Evolving so Quickly

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic technology is evolving so quickly that agencies like the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) and Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) are having difficulty maintaining a certification program for installers and providers that is relevant and up-to-standard. With fiber optic tech becoming the norm for military and commercial aircraft and the need for more bandwidth becoming… Read more »