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Protecting Your Electronics from Power Outages

Power Outage

Unfortunately no electronics plugged into your wall sockets are immune to power outages, even those connected by fiber optic cables. In most cases, a power outage won’t cause any damage to your electronic devices, but you shouldn’t count on this outcome every time the lights go out. Even if it happens rarely, a power outage… Read more »

Fiber Optics Helping with Pregnancy Tests

In an earlier post, we discussed the virtue of “going optic” and how America should be rewired, so to speak, with fiber optics – and while we focused primarily on Internet speeds, we would do you a grave disservice if we didn’t talk about all the other exciting developments going on in the world of… Read more »

Home Networks Implemented by Fiber Optics and Not Copper Wiring

Fiber Optics Internet

  All over the country, communities are making the investment necessary to install fiber optics infrastructures that can connect users to the Internet at incredibly fast speeds. Within the home, however, many things remain the same where home networking cable installation is concerned. When a homeowner calls a technician to install an Internet connection for… Read more »