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AT&T Brings Gigabit Internet to Several More US Cities

Fiber Optic Emergency Restoration Repairs

Google might be scaling back its fiber optic network deployment for now, but that doesn’t mean other telecom companies are curbing their own ambitions of bringing fiber to the home. In fact, Google’s announcement may have provided an added incentive for companies like Verizon and AT&T to aggressively pursue fiber optic deployment in new untapped… Read more »

Mobile Providers Roll out Data Plans for Internet of Things

Internet access is no longer limited to PCs and smartphones. These days, everything from municipal transit buses to climate control systems to household appliances are being integrated into the Internet as well. This new influx of web-connected infrastructure is known collectively as the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, the IoT is in a similar phase… Read more »

AT&T Wants to Deliver Broadband Internet via Power Lines

10 years ago, when high-speed Internet was still in its infancy, a number of tech companies including Google and IBM sought to establish Internet connections through standard electrical outlets rather than coaxial cables. Coax cables were the dominant medium for broadband connections at the time, but their reach was still somewhat limited. By offering Broadband… Read more »

AT&T Competing With Google for Fiber Superiority

AT&T Competing With Google for Fiber Superiority

Over the course of the past decade, Google has made a habit of trying to disrupt the business models of traditional carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. Their Google Fiber service, in particular, is tailor-made to provide stiff competition for big name ISPs. Now, AT&T is fighting back by expanding its GigaPower fiber optic service… Read more »