Slower Networks in America

12369600_SIt’s a bit surprising to hear but America is not the number one place to be when it comes to high-speed internet. In fact, we aren’t even in the top five for countries that have great internet. It hurts even worse when you look at the numbers in terms of costs. The average American pays four times as much as someone in France for 1/10th of the internet speed that the person in France is getting. Those numbers are a bit less surprising considering America is also the highest payer when it comes to healthcare as well. We just pay more because we tend to have higher wages than anywhere else does.

But the biggest downfall in America when it comes to the internet isn’t really the cost; it’s simply because of the fiber. America falls behind as the winners in high-speed internet because all the places beating us have been installing fiber optics for their broadband for years. And nothing can beat fiber optics so far when it comes to getting a fast connection speed; it completely overshadows normal broadband by being six to ten times the speed.

Unfortunately, it’s the initial costs on installing fiber everywhere in the United States that prevents everyone from having fiber. Google alone has spent millions to install fiber in just a few cities. But when laying the fiber, it’s not just the initial costs that are hitting this problem. There are some legal issues to battle as well when it comes to installing fiber or competing at all in the market of being an internet service provider. It’s an area that has largely been locked down by specific companies in different areas. Have you ever wondered why you only ever have one or two options for your internet service provider in any specific area you are in?

That’s because the rest of any small companies starting off for wireless internet tend to be shut down pretty fast, or just can’t afford the initial expenses to get off the ground with internet in enough areas to supply people. It’s an unfortunate situation that ends up hurting everyone, and until we can get past both the costs with fiber and the Internet Service Providers pushing out any competition we just won’t see that quickly of a growth for cities in America to end up with better internet. So we’ll just have to be satisfied with being somewhere around the 40th in the world when it comes to internet speeds, despite dominating the internet in quite a large way.


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