Shark Attacks on Fiber Cables

There were some new shark attacks in the news recently, but not sharks attacking people. Of all things, these sharks were biting fiber optic cables that were being strung along the ocean floor by the company Google. Although Google has since learned from their initial mistake of using basic optic cables underwater and coated those fiber optics in Kevlar to prevent further damage, they did find it as surprising as everyone else that sharks actually liked biting the fiber optics.

Based on older scientific evidence we do know that sharks actually have another sense that lets them feel electromagnetic fields around them. So many are speculating that the electromagnetic fields being given off by the wiring are what is causing the sharks to investigate the fiber. Strangely, they do not act the same way around copper wiring or other types of wiring that have been used underwater before. They do still occasionally bite the copper wiring, but not quite as often or with increased frequency as they do with fiber optics.

Although we don’t know for sure why the sharks are biting the cables, we at least know that with the Kevlar in place, and plans to use it for any further underwater cable there are bound to be more shark bites on the fiber, but at least it won’t ruin the fiber with all the protection that it is getting. It does seem that Fiber Cables might have found their predator, because sharks certainly do love them.


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