Our FTTX motto is the 3 P’s (Pride, Precision, Pace)

Pride: Do quality work that you can take pride in.

Precision: Pay attention! Small details are important.

Pace: Speed is secondary but usually means job security. The more we can do the more we will be given to do.


Our Experience from most recent, includes:

EPON System using virtual hubs in existing Brownfield environments in NC: We used Arura PLP products with an X32 splitter spliced into a cross connect. The drops will be spliced in as customers sign up the service.

EPON System in Anna Rundle Co Maryland: We used TE Connectivity products with Hub in Pedestal FDH’s (Fiber Distribution Hub), B450 gel TYCO cases and Corning NAP’s (Network Access Points)

Ben Lomond Connect in Tennessee: Here we used 3m cases and Corning NAP’s.

Hotwire Communication South East US: We used Corning FDC’s with PLP enclosures, Corning NAP’s.

CTC Concord Telephone Company in NC: Here we used pre-terminated cable. A termination point was pre designed to be installed at the factory. Our techs went to a specific location and installed a pre-terminated drop cable.

Other include numerous Verizon projects in Florida, Indiana, South Carolina and Maryland. Some of our closest partners are on Google & Centurylink FITH projects in the Western portions of the US. They have proved their expertise in these markets.

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