Here at Connected Fiber, we pride ourselves on making our end of the installation process smooth and efficient. Not only for ourselves but for our customers as well. Typically, we will convert designs and materials to an easy to use spreadsheet, this reduces or eliminates misread prints resulting in open circuits .Our technicians can then input data directly from the field at each location. Imputing information such as : FDC’s (Fiber Distribution Panels), Splice points & NAP’s (Network Access Points), comments, work performed, upload photos and OTDR test results. This helps us improve the clarity of various design plans and gives us up to the minute reports for our customers and our own billing department.

Building the “last mile” or today’s new term “first mile” is as important as any other part of the plant and treat it as such For our testing, we use EXFO 945 max loss test set and OTDR’s. We utilize a 1×12 optical switch to pretest ribbon segments or unterminated fiber on uni-directional tests. The 1×12 allows us to shoot 12 fibers concurrent. 1-12 before we restart the OTDR.

Our FTTX motto is the 3 P’s (Pride, Precision, Pace)

Pride: Do quality work that you can take pride in.

Precision: Pay attention! Small details are important.

Pace: Speed is secondary but usually means job security. The more we can do the more we will be given to do.

Our Experience from most recent, includes:

EPON System using virtual hubs in existing Brownfield environments in NC: We used Arura PLP products with an X32 splitter spliced into a cross connect. The drops will be spliced in as customers sign up the service.

EPON System in Anna Rundle Co Maryland: We used TE Connectivity products with Hub in Pedestal FDH’s (Fiber Distribution Hub), B450 gel TYCO cases and Corning NAP’s (Network Access Points)

Ben Lomond Connect in Tennessee: Here we used 3m cases and Corning NAP’s.

Hotwire Communication South East US: We used Corning FDC’s with PLP enclosures, Corning NAP’s.

CTC Concord Telephone Company in NC: Here we used pre-terminated cable. A termination point was pre designed to be installed at the factory. Our techs went to a specific location and installed a pre-terminated drop cable.

Other include numerous Verizon projects in Florida, Indiana, South Carolina and Maryland. Some of our closest partners are on Google & Centurylink FITH projects in the Western portions of the US. They have proved their expertise in these markets.

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