Fiber optics connect many essential, communicative and visual tools, providing superior operation for internet service, cable tv, surveillance systems, cell services and many other use . If your fiber optics network is not working properly or cannot support your expanding enterprise, you may be left without vital tools and services for your business. Connected Fiber offers a variety of fiber optics services to maintain, expand, install and document infrastructure throughout Mid Atlantic. Our experienced team provides fiber optic cable networking installs and repairs to simple and advanced systems utilizing a vast range of applications. To help maintain your existing fiber optics network, we test key access points to ascertain the quality and ability of your plant. Our experts compile a detailed, organized report of your entire network to give you a full picture of your communicative and processing power. We also help you expand your system to include increased bandwidth , functionality or space, and work with your needs and setup to give you the most efficient new fiber optics infastructure. Finally, if your system has been suddenly damaged, we provide emergency repair services to get your business up and running again, immediately.

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Emergency Restoration Services

Emergency RepairSevere weather can damage you fiber optic lines and impact your network, connectivity or even shut down the entire system. Storms strike at any time and sever crucial fiber optic lines that your business relies on, leaving you unable to monitor and respond to the situation. Our emergency restoration services ensure your company’s fiber optic connections are up and running again quickly in the event of catastrophic weather. Our specialists are experienced with major storms in all seasons and know exactly where to look for line breaks and damages and how to restore them. Disaster can strike at any time, so our experts are always ready to assist you. We provide the tools and expertise to assess and repair your system quickly to keep your company connected no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. If your system has been damaged in a major storm, contact us for immediate emergency repairs.

Fiber Optic Splicing

System FunctionalityCable splicing connects two optical fibers to create a single continuous line and is used to give your existing system a wider reach and more capabilities. Connecting transmitters and receivers to incoming or outgoing sources typically involves a fiber optic splice to allow the entire system to effectively communicate. Splicing enables continuous growth of your network and allows you to make building additions, connect to new devices and utilize new functions as your needs evolve. To successfully develop your system, two forms of splicing are used for different purposes; mechanical or fusion splicing. Both techniques require careful precision and special tools to maintain the clarity, strength and durability of your fiber optic cables. We offer fusion and mechanical fiber optic splicing and utilize cutting edge, professional equipment to ensure each line is connected seamlessly. Our experienced staff will assess your system to determine what alterations, updates or repairs are necessary, and prepare the ideal connections across your structure. If you are in need of system expansion or your cables have been damaged in renovations, contact Connected Fiber to learn more about fiber optic splicing for your system.

Testing and Documentation

Proper TestingIf your system is running slow, experiencing intermittent outages or certain devices are no longer connected, parts of your fiber optic network may be damaged or disconnected. Damages or breakages can occur for many different reasons. They can be difficult to pinpoint without help. Some construction work, renovations, storms or improper maintenance can affect your network and interrupt or disrupt communications between links. Testing identifies these problems and gives you a holistic view of your current system to make an outline for expansion. Whether you seek to update, repair or change your fiber optics connections, Connected Fiber provides the equipment and expertise to test your network and give you a detailed review. We monitor pivotal meeting points to identify breaks or damages and collect data on the overall function of your entire network. Our maintenance staff has worked across fiber optic lines with prominent telecommunications companies including Verizon and Time Warner Cable, so we are intimately familiar with many diverse and intricate layouts. We work with business across thte Mid Atlantic and provide detailed testing and reporting for simple and complex networks. To test your connections and get an in-depth look at your system, contact Connected Fiber today.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

FTTHFTTH or Fiber To The Home technology is highly competitive in today’s market. Many providers are now trying to offer high speed broadband to their subscribers and they boast speeds from 10-100 mbps. Some, such as Google Fiber are offering speeds as high as 1 gbps! These systems use a PON (passive optical network topography) which means there are no field installed electrical components. Usually a powerful laser transmits from a head end or hub site to “field installed” splitters. These splitters do what their name implies, they splits the laser to feed 16-64 homes and businesses from a single fiber. These signals are kept separate & secure through each locations IP address. These keep each customers information from getting mixed up. There are drawbacks to such technology. One is energy consumption. Currently in the field, many providers use electrical power to convert optical singles on fiber to RF (radio frequencies) and use copper or coax to get the last mile. Everywhere power is used, a battery backup is also used. The need for these batteries will now be eliminated.

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