Fiber optics connect many essential, communicative and visual tools, providing superior operation for internet service, cable tv, surveillance systems, cell services and many other use . If your fiber optics network is not working properly or cannot support your expanding enterprise, you may be left without vital tools and services for your business. Connected Fiber offers a variety of fiber optics services to maintain, expand, install and document infrastructure throughout Mid Atlantic. Our experienced team provides fiber optic cable networking installs and repairs to simple and advanced systems utilizing a vast range of applications. To help maintain your existing fiber optics network, we test key access points to ascertain the quality and ability of your plant. Our experts compile a detailed, organized report of your entire network to give you a full picture of your communicative and processing power. We also help you expand your system to include increased bandwidth , functionality or space, and work with your needs and setup to give you the most efficient new fiber optics infastructure. Finally, if your system has been suddenly damaged, we provide emergency repair services to get your business up and running again, immediately.