Repairing Severed Cables

ditch back 2We’ve done a lot of cheering about the spread of fiber optics networks for municipal Internet connections here on the Connected Fiber blog. We want to remind our readers that, when you have a fiber optics maintenance issue or any length of cable that needs fixing or replacing, we can quickly return your connection to the online world back to normal.

Even when adhering to proper maintenance schedules, there are plenty of times where unforeseen circumstances can knock a home or an entire section of town off the grid. For example, take a look at this article published by The Meadville Tribune which describes the efforts to repair a fiber optics cable which was severed by city officials during some recent road maintenance at an intersection within the city of Meadville, PA.

City workers engaged in curb repair at a street intersection accidentally severed a fiber optics line, which provided landline phone services to a great deal of people located throughout the region. The fiber optics cable was unmarked and only located six inches below the ground, according to Meadville city officials who remarked on the incident.

That tiny little cut affected a widespread area of telephone customers, reminding us of the incredible power of one fiber optics line in connecting a large region to a network. Customers reported outages throughout Meadville and in locations spread throughout three different counties in the area of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Surprisingly, it would not take long for repair crews to fix the damage dealt to the fiber optics cables, getting those residents back onto the telephone grid. Representatives of fiber optics maintenance companies that would be involved in the repairs said that the severed line could be completely restored within four hours once work began.

Here at Connected Fiber, we have an important job to do and are committed to keeping people connected. Our repair services will make sure that you stay on the network no matter what life throws your way. If you need fiber optics cable repair or splicing services in North Carolina, make sure to call us and see how we can get started on your project sooner than anyone else.

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