Reconstructing America in Fiber Optics

6922094_SLooks like the suits in Washington DC are finally taking notice regarding the fiber optics and the way they’re changing how we communicate in this country and the whole world. While it’s happening bit by bit, it is expected that in a few short years, fiber optics will be crisscrossing this land from coast to coast. The quest for faster networks is upon us and at Connected Fiber, we find these times to be very exciting. What this means is that the country’s telecom businesses are slowly, but surely, getting rid of outdated copper lines, replacing them with fiber optics.

With such a big change on the horizon, it is only natural that the government will want to step in and propose some regulations to guarantee that customers are, at the very least, protected. Anytime you have a technological shift, it’s in the best interest of every consumer to have federal regulations in place. That way, they don’t get taken advantage of by firms. While the benefits are clearly apparent, such as faster internet speeds, there are always the possibility of errors and drawbacks. These regulations might possibly be voted on this month.

These regulations could include everything from an optional battery installed in your home in the event of an emergency to system power requirements that would attempt to keep everything in check. According to this Washington Post article, “Other protections will be aimed at ensuring that small businesses, schools and hospitals can continue to buy services from telecom companies at competitive wholesale rates. Consumer advocates and some in the telecom industry are welcoming the FCC’s move, saying it will spur competition and innovation.”

11718585_SLike we said above, it’s always a good idea to enforce regulations when undergoing a seismic shift in the way we do things. Thankfully, Washington DC seems to be steering this fiber optic boat in the right direction. There’s a great chance that the widespread use of fiber optics will help solve an ongoing and unsettling problem in America – that is, internet usage for men and women living here. According to Pew Research Center analysis, 15% of U.S. adults don’t use the internet. Nowadays that seems like a ludicrous number, but there is a logical reason behind this.

Elizabeth Palermo of Live Science writes, “But some people said they don’t use the Internet because they cannot afford to do so. The survey data showed that 19 percent of those not online cited the expense of Internet service or owning a computer as their reason for staying offline.”

The economy is an untamable beast; it makes sense then that some people can’t afford the internet. Maybe the restructuring of the country into the land of milk and fiber optics will make internet usage 100%! Do you think fiber optics will help this situation? With fiber optics, there will be more opportunity for people to have access to internet.

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