One of the Largest Undertakings in Rural Fiber Optic Connectivity

fiber optic networksWe’re seeing more and more fiber optic networks being subsidized by city and state funds to connect businesses and residences faster. This is pulling bigger companies into smaller towns all over the country and leading to economic growth and regeneration in formerly more stagnant areas.

Another example cropping up is in a statewide effort being undertaken by FiberLight across Texas. FiberLight, a Georgia-based company, is halfway through a four-year project to install 11,000 miles of fiber optics throughout rural Texas.  There has been a lot of interest in  connecting Victoria to the more rural parts of Texas. This project is slated to be one of the largest undertakings in rural fiber optic connectivity in the country to date.

fiber optic networksThe $300 million project is employing over 500 people. In addition to laying wiring along Highway Rte. 77, FiberLight is also connecting to Verizon cell towers for improved reception for its customers.

FiberLight works with Verizon, AT&T and Suddenlink, so it’s possible that those companies will move branches of those offices into areas where FiberLight is managing fiber optics connections.

Ron Kormos, President of Operations in Texas, has said, “[The project]’s designed to serve all the rural cell sites throughout the state of Texas but also to serve all the high-speed data bases for businesses.”

With businesses no longer viewing fiber optics as a luxury, but as a necessity to run at optimal efficiency, it seems that more and more local and state governments are subsidizing projects like these to promote economic growth.

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