Oil and Gas Companies Taking Advantage of Fiber Optic Technology

Finding OilEvery day it seems we are learning about new companies taking advantage of fiber optic technology in new and interesting ways. Fiber optics is being used in just about every type of industry you could think of, including oil and gas. Why exactly are oil and gas companies using fiber optics in their day to day operations? We’re here to tell you!

Right now oil companies are facing an enormous problem. While the price of oil has been steadily dropping, the cost of drilling into an oil well is incredibly expensive. In fact, the average oil well drilling operation costs about $8 million. With companies continuing to see less and less profits from well drilling operations, they are constantly on the lookout for new ways to cut costs. It turns out that fiber optic cables offer them a unique solution to their costly drilling problem.

By using fiber-optic cables in and around potential drilling sites, companies are able to better analyze wells before they ever start drilling. They are using cables equipped with thousands of sensors that can detect things like temperature and even soundwaves. After analyzing this data, they can better pinpoint exactly where oil can be found. This added level of precision is allowing companies to drill more confidently, knowing for sure where oil can be found before getting started.

Fiber optic technology is constantly improving, and with the capability to equip 30 mile long cables with up to 4,000 sensors, oil and gas companies are making full use of these advancements. We’re eager to see if fiber optic cables are used in any different ways by oil and gas companies or new industries altogether, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way!

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