Monkeys Pose a Threat to Fiber Optic Cables in India

33471241_SDepending on where you live, there may be a number of different problems that hinder your access to high-speed internet. Maybe you live in an area that doesn’t have access to fiber optic technology, or maybe you are working with an old or outdated router. There are problems that you can control, and of course those you can’t. In some regions of India, many people are experiencing internet outages, and it’s due to a problem that you’ve likely never encountered if you live in America: monkeys.

How exactly could monkeys be responsible for internet outages? The answer is simpler than you may think. Where an internet outage in the U.S. may be caused by a storm or construction, the monkeys in India are actually a threat to the wires that keep people connected. The monkeys love eating these wires, and in some regions of the country you will see them climbing all over them.

Of course, this isn’t an issue in every region of India. In particular, it’s a problem in Varanasi. This city is thousands of years old, and it has quite a monkey population. For a while now they’ve been enjoying a new snack: the fiber optic cables that were placed by the Ganges River. After the initial cables were installed in the area, the monkeys had chewed through just about every one of them in a couple of months.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having access to fiber optic technology, only to have it taken away. While this problem may seem slightly humorous at first glance, it’s a real issue that the city is trying to solve. Right now, they aren’t sure of any solution that will completely keep the monkeys at bay.

So, next time your internet goes out, just be glad that it’s not because of a monkey who was in the mood for a snack.


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