Landslide Sensors

18002854_SThe spread of fiber optics technologies across our country has a lot to do with the instantaneous access to Internet content that these networks can provide. Here at Connected Fiber, we love hearing about all of the incredible applications of fiber optics technologies in our world.

Interestingly, we heard a story recently that discusses a system involving fiber optics components that may provide proactive emergency response that could actually save lives. As this article published by discusses, researchers at an Italian university are busy developing a warning system for impending landslides.

The team of scientists at the University of Naples working on this project are creating fiber optics sensors that can be networked to detect landslide activity or even slower slope movements over time. Although the mainstream news often presents landslides as events of extreme chance which no resident saw coming, there are all sorts of pre-failure strains that can be detected in the soil which may indicate that a landslide is imminent.

Electrical sensor systems have been in place for a number of years to accomplish this job of forecasting landslides in an area of soil. The fiber optics sensors being developed have the advantage of not only being more cost-effective and sensitive, they’re also much more durable than conventional electronic sensors. According to researchers from the project quoted for the above story, the fiber optics sensors have no moving parts and can withstand soil deformations much better than other sensors.

The application of fiber optics technologies in our world are paying off in a number of ways. Throughout North Carolina and the southeastern United States, Connected Fiber is here to help you take advantage of fiber optics technologies in the way that best suits your organization.

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