If You Don’t Have Fiber, Don’t Bother

Rural fiber opticsIn our previous post, we discussed the healthy growth that Burlington is expected to experience due to the positive effects of a high-speed, fiber-optic network. We can safely say that the future is in fiber optics. Cities installing large-scale fiber-optic networks is akin to getting a second lease on life, like reconstructive surgery after a bad car accident – a brand new day, so to speak, where you feel more connected (literally and figuratively) with the world around you. It’s amazing what that feeling can do for a city and community.

The going belief is that fiber-optic technology can “revolutionize health care, transportation, education and public safety,” as we indicated in the last post. Given statistics, that isn’t a belief inasmuch as it’s a fact. VT Digger reports, “Communities that have fiber networks have faster growing economies and home values in those areas are 5 percent higher than those without fiber. For many companies deciding where to locate, a fiber network is a “table stake” for a community to be considered, meaning if you don’t have fiber, don’t bother.”

Hmm…that is a bold statement: “if you don’t have fiber, don’t bother.” One can imagine that being a campaign slogan for a presidential candidate. It rolls off the tongue, but stays ingrained in the brain. It’s effective to say the least. Such a slogan puts cities and communities between a rock and a hard place; it places the onus of responsibility on city leaders to get the ball rolling on fiber-optic network installation. Burlington, however, is not the only city undergoing fiber-optic reconstructive surgery; other cities are, like the City of Ammon in Idaho, which “is in the early stages of introducing direct home connection fiber optic lines as regular utility lines for people who choose to opt in,” according to Local News 8.

Officials in Ammon are excited for the ramifications of what this means for the future, as this is a gauge at how the internet can be provided in the future. If all goes well, you can expect to see the surrounding townships embracing fiber optic lines.

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