How to Figure Out Whether Your Fiber Optics Needs Repairs

Fiber Optic Repairs As long as fiber optic cables are installed properly when they’re first put into place, you shouldn’t endure any problems with a fiber optic network. But fiber optic cables are more fragile than old copper cables, which means you may have to make repairs to them from time to time. If you suspect your fiber optic network might not be operating the way it should, there are some signs that’ll show fiber optic cables need to be repaired. Take a look at a few of those signs below.

Broken fiber optic cables

When fiber optic cables are installed, they should not be bent or stretched out too much. While they can withstand some bending and stretching, it can take a toll on them if they’re bent or stretched excessively. It can even lead to the fiber optic cables breaking over time, which will obviously cause big problems within your fiber optic network. Make sure you don’t have any fiber optic cables in your building that are bent or stretched.

Faulty splices in fiber optic cables

Most fiber optic networks contain fiber optic cables with splices in them. It’s important for these splices to be done properly by an experienced fiber optic company that knows what they’re doing. Otherwise, these splices could lead to extreme signal loss within a fiber optic network. It’s also important for the right connectors to be used on fiber optic cables. If connectors are contaminated in any way, it could cause signal loss to occur.

Too many splices on fiber optic cables

While it’s not uncommon for fiber optic cables to have splices and connectors, it can be an issue if there are too many of them in one specific area. Signal loss will often take place when there are an excessive number of splices and connectors. Repairs will need to be made to fiber optic cables to fix the problem.

The only surefire way to find out if you have fiber optic cables that need to be repaired is by having fiber optic testing done. Connected Fiber can perform testing on your fiber optic network and extend repair services to you, if necessary. Call us at 910-443-0532 today to take advantage of the fiber optic services we offer.


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