How is a Torn, Underground Fiber Optic Cable Repaired?

Fiber Optic Cable RepairsFiber optic cables are quite durable after being installed underground. However, there are certain things that can cause damage to them. For example, if someone digs down into the ground with a backhoe without checking to see where your fiber optic cables are first, they can do damage to them. As well, some animals, like moles, can also chew on fiber optic cables and damage them. Fortunately, a fiber optic cable can be repaired if it ever gets torn. Let’s take a look at the steps that should be taken to get the job done.

Step 1: Finding the tear in your fiber optic cable

The first thing that a fiber optic technician will do when you suspect that you have a tear in a fiber optic cable is identify where it’s located. They can do this by using what’s called an optical time-domain reflectometer, or an OTDR. This device will send light pulses through your fiber optic cable and pinpoint the location of the tear in it. Once your technician knows where the tear is, they can dig up the fiber optic cable at the point of the tear.

Step 2: Preparing your fiber optic cable for repair

After your fiber optic technician has dug up your fiber optic cable, they can start the process of preparing for it to be repaired. To do this, they’ll strip off the jacket that is wrapped around your cable without doing any additional damage to the fibers that sit underneath of it.

Step 3: Repairing your fiber optic cable

At this point, your fiber optic technician should be ready to begin repairing your torn fiber optic cable for you. They can do it by using either a fusion splice or a mechanical splice. Either way, they will use a fiber cleaver to trim the damaged ends of your fiber optic cable before carefully splicing them back together.

Step 4: Testing your fiber optic cable and burying it back in the ground

Once a fiber optic technician has successfully repaired your fiber optic cable, they can run some tests on it to make sure the fusion splice or mechanical splice was done properly. From there, they can bury it back in the ground so that you can start using your fiber optic cable again.

Repairing a torn fiber optic cable might sound simple enough, but it’s a job that’s best left up to the professionals. Connected Fiber can extend the fiber optic services you need to restore your fiber optic connection quickly. Call us at 910-443-0532 to schedule an appointment with a fiber optic technician.

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