How Fiber Optics Benefit Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Does your company rely on cloud computing to conduct business? Fiber optic technology can help you make the most of keeping your business information in the cloud. If you aren’t utilizing fiber optics already, consider doing it soon to ensure that you’re getting everything you should be out of cloud computing. Here are some of the ways in which fiber optics helps those who use cloud computing for business purposes.

Fiber optics give you quick and easy access to the cloud.

To access the information, you keep in the cloud, you need to have an internet connection that is quick and uninterrupted. Information can move through fiber optics at the speed of light, which will make it easy for you to get whatever you want from the cloud instantly. You can also package up as much data as you want and move it using fiber optics because of the high bandwidth capacity associated with fiber optic cables.

Fiber optics keep you connected to the cloud during disasters like hurricanes.

The weather can take a toll on those companies that use copper cables for transmitting data back and forth from the cloud. Severe weather and any extreme temperature changes can affect a network built using copper cables. But fiber optic cables aren’t susceptible to connectivity problems caused by disasters. During Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Irma in Miami, companies using fiber optics were able to stay connected to cloud data centers in those cities. Fiber optics can withstand disasters better than copper cables overall.

Fiber optics protect information in the cloud and prevent it from being hacked.

One of the biggest concerns business owners have when using cloud computing is the safety and security of the information they store in the cloud. Those using copper cables should be concerned as hackers can easily eavesdrop on information sent through copper cables. But to hack information distributed through fiber optics, hackers would need to go as far as to cut the cables to steal it. That prevents information from being hacked from fiber optic networks.

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