How Do We Use Optical Fiber?

Fiber Optic Networks Fiber optic cables, which contain very thin strands of glass that are used to transmit information through light, have become more and more common over the last 10 years. You might not even realize it, but the cables are used for a variety of things. Check out at some of the ways fiber optic cables are used in our everyday lives.

High-speed internet

One of the biggest advantages of using fiber optic cables over traditional copper cables is that they are capable of transmitting large amounts of data very quickly. This makes them perfect for internet providers who want to give their customers the opportunity to obtain high-speed internet. Fiber optic cables are a lot less bulky than other cables and they can also carry way more data, which makes them an ideal internet solution.

Cable TV

The need for improved signal transmission has grown exponentially in the cable industry in recent years. Most people have high-definition TVs these days, and in order for cable companies to keep up with the bandwidth and speed issues associated with people using them, they utilize fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables allow cable companies to deliver data to customers quickly, which results in a better overall cable experience for everyone.

Computer networking

Does your office rely on a network to keep all employees on the same page? If so, there are probably lots and lots of fiber optic cables running through the walls and ceilings of your building. These cables keep your company connected and allow you to send something to someone in your company in a matter of just seconds.


While not all lighting solutions use fiber optic cables, there are a lot of lighting setups and even things like Christmas decorations that now incorporate fiber optic cables into the mix. Fiber optic cables are, for the most part, affordable and easy to use when doing lighting projects; therefore, many manufacturers have started to create products with them.

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