Home Networks Implemented by Fiber Optics and Not Copper Wiring


Fiber Optics InternetAll over the country, communities are making the investment necessary to install fiber optics infrastructures that can connect users to the Internet at incredibly fast speeds. Within the home, however, many things remain the same where home networking cable installation is concerned. When a homeowner calls a technician to install an Internet connection for the first time, copper wiring is usually the material of choice.

As our regular readers will be well aware, fiber optics cables that can transmit data through light waves offer much faster rates of data transmission. Recently here at Connected Fiber, we’ve noticed an upswing in the number of companies who are looking to bring homes into the 21st century with home networks that are implemented by fiber optics and not copper wiring.

As this article published by CE Pro discusses, a partnership between a fiber optic cable manufacturer and a Los Angeles-based developer of home networking systems may be bringing this technology straight into the homes of many residents throughout that region of the southwest United States. The partnership hopes to create fiber optics systems that can quickly be installed to support home networks running at much higher bandwidths than traditional copper wiring can process.

Some of the patent-pending technology developed by Cleerline Technology Group, the fiber optics manufacturer involved in the partnership, allows technicians to install the wire without stripping, greatly reducing the amount of time required to install fiber optics wiring. The Cleerline fiber also offers more flexibility and tensile strength than many other manufacturers, making it a much more durable option for the home.

As we continue to traverse deeper into the 21st century, people from all over the world are going to expect greater speeds of data connection for accessing Internet resources. Connected Fiber supports the pursuit of this ideal by offering our superior fiber optics installation and maintenance services. From our headquarters in Leland, NC, we contribute to IT infrastructure projects in buildings and communities all across the southeastern region of the United States.

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