Here’s Why Fiber Optic Cables Are Faster Than Copper

Fiber Optic CablesUndoubtedly, there are many advantages of fiber optic cables compared to copper ones. But arguably the biggest benefit of using fiber optic cables is that they’re capable of sending signals significantly faster than copper ones can. It’s why so many home and business owners have made the switch to fiber optic cables in recent years.

Light Rather than Electrical Pulses

Fiber optic cables are able to transmit data faster than copper cables because they use light instead of electrical pulses to carry data from one point to another. This light is able to travel a lot further and a lot faster than copper cables in a much shorter amount of time. Light can also keep signals strong as they travel from point A to point B, which isn’t always the case with the electrical pulses sent through copper cables. By the time copper cables bring electrical pulses to their final destination, they’ve often weakened quite a bit. It’s why copper cables are no longer considered the right option for those creating internet connections.

Data at Lightning Speeds

The bottom line is that, when you choose to use fiber optic cables over copper cables, you’ll have the opportunity to send and receive data at lightning speeds. You also won’t have to worry about electromagnetic interference interrupting the signals you send since fiber optic cables will protect the signals from it. This is yet another thing that you can’t say about copper cables. EM tends to stop some signals from passing through copper cables cleanly and slows the data passing through them down. It makes fiber optic cables the clear choice for those who value speed when it comes to connecting to the internet.

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