Google Fiber Across the World

cherrypickerIf there is any company that has been directing us into the future it would be Google. This means all the recent information around Google Fiber spreading to more than the US may just go to show how powerful fiber optics truly are when it comes to staying connected to the internet. We have recently even seen Google communicating with some British companies about installing Google fiber into the UK. As well as many other projects, like BSkyB and TalkTalk funding a push for fiber being installed into over 200,000 offices and homes in York.

These kinds of pushes just prove that despite everyone thinking satellite was going to be the king for internet and TV connectivity, fiber optics have been pulling ahead as both a more efficient way and less expensive. Fiber has always been able to produce better connective speed than any broadband could ever provide, but Google fiber only goes to prove that when you can achieve a hundred times better connective power to the internet, there is nothing else that will beat it.

With just the backing of Google, by the end of next year we are certain to see more than forty to fifty cities in the US alone with fiber running all through the town, in thousands of homes. And that’s what makes the fiber even greater, if you already have it built around your town, installing it to your home becomes an even simpler task. Google is just making the process easier for everyone else to obtain fiber, even if it isn’t through the internet dominating company.

Hopefully we will see even more countries and cities pick up the fiber chord and realize they are missing out if they don’t have fiber optics for their internet. You just can’t be over 1,000 bps in connection power, compared to the usual 75 we often see in broadband. We are clearly already in the future for internet connection.

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