Google Expands Fiber Optic Internet Service

14397802_SAt Connected Fiber, we like to think of this blog as a resource for all things fiber optics, which can be a bit arduous at times, because the fiber optics industry is constantly changing and improving. It is evolving before our very eyes and that’s a very exciting thing. It’s not every day that you get to be part of an evolutionary process and we’re very thankful for that. Connected Fiber is proud to move with the times.

Take, for example, the latest fiber optics news from Google…

Recently Google announced that the company will be expanding its fiber optic Internet service, bringing it to four additional areas throughout the Southeast. Google’s service allows for Internet download and upload speeds of more than a gigabit per second, which could revolutionize the way people interact with online media and how data is transmitted. In fact, this service is on average more than 50 times faster than the average service most people have in their homes today.

As an example of how fast this fiber optic Internet service can be, it allows user to download a full, high-quality movie in less than two minutes. Currently, the service is available in Kansas City, Provo, and Austin. Other cities that Google is planning on expanding to include Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte. In addition, the company is currently consider five additional unannounced metropolitan areas. While the service has so far only been announced for highly populated regions, in the future almost every town in America could have access to fiber optic Internet.

cablesThe more people begin using fiber optic services, the more analysts expect technology companies will create devices that take advantage of the increased download and upload speeds. While one of the barriers to entry may be cost for some people, the price of fiber optic services will reduce once more people are able to take advantage of them.

This is a BIG move and by BIG, we really do mean BIG, as this will change the region’s Internet connectivity for the better. Imagine that – the Triangle outfitted with thousands of miles of fiber optic cable! This historic moment was greeted with much fanfare, as there was a press conference held at the N.C. Museum of History with Google representatives and Gov. Pat McCrory. If that doesn’t scream “big deal,” we don’t know what does! As the Gov. McCrory pointed out, this will have a HUGE impact on education and job creation.

Our very own Craig Cleveland, the owner of Connected Fiber, was quoted saying “For the next several years, there will be a large increase in demand for my services.” That’s certainly good news, not just for Connected Fiber, but also for the region as a whole. Before long, fiber optics will crisscross all of America. Something to look forward to, right?

What do you think about having more access to fiber optic powered Internet? Let us know and remember to keep checking back for more news regarding the world of fiber optics!

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