Here are a some answers to commonly asked questions in our field; if you have additional questions, please contact us

Here are a some answers to commonly asked questions in our field; if you have additional questions, please contact us!
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Q: What fiber optic related services do you offer?

A: We provide full-service fiber splicing and testing for all fiber uses and needs. This includes terminating additional fiber lines to your business, repairing your company’s residential service lines, upgrading communicative and visual services utilizing newer course wavelength or dense wavelength technologies, keeping your fiber lines running efficiently, emergency repairs, installation and testing. We use aerial buckets for fiber splicing on raised lines and Vans air-conditioned crew cabs and trailers for big counts, FTTH and u/g locations. Our testing services examine crucial junctions and pathways to look for breaks, damage or misalignments and detailed documentation gives you a full description of all services rendered. We splice using top-rated Fuji and Corning machines and test with Exfo and Noyes. Our services include installing rack and wall mount enclosures we can terminate OSP cables with your choice of connector or Pigtail fixtures. Outside of our service area we utilize subcontractors with extensive experience in fiber cable installation and technics.
Q: What are your emergency restoration capabilities?
A: Our emergency field service teams respond immediately to emergencies within a four-hour radius of the Raleigh, NC, area. Emergency service includes outages and damage due to storms, downed trees, construction, flooding and other contingences that inhibit your fiber access. Our experienced field service technicians inspect and repair damaged lines to restore your connectivity during emergency situations. For distances outside our effective operating range, we connect customers to our network of experienced subcontract splicers across the country. We address all outages with the utmost efficiency and make every effort to assist our customers as quickly and completely as possible. If we cannot provide you with emergency service, we will connect you with technicians that assist you promptly. We have experience in large catastrophic damage as well. We proudly assisted and served our customers during Katrina and Rita in New Orleans LA, Gulf Port MS, Hollywood and Ft Lauderdale FL in restoring vital communication services.
Q: On average, what are your splicing prices?
A: We maintain competitive prices and provide quotes on a per job basis. Pricing is dependent on the units installed and the size of your fiber system. Large projects spanning extensive working spaces with a variety of splices generally requires lower prices than emergency repairs or a few new circuits for a new customer. Given a few details and specifics about your project, we are happy to provide pricing. We have provided many bids related to our services, if we cannot meet your budget, we can refer you to other experts in the field.
Q: Can I order supplies through you?
A: We specialize in optics services including installation and repairs and do not generally provide supplies other than consumables. For small jobs or specific situations we order supplies to complete your project on schedule and provide comprehensive service. For supplies added to your service, a 15% surcharge may be added to materials to covering ordering costs, which will be included in your pricing quote.
Q: Can you provide testing and documentation of fiber optic networks?
A: We provide extensive testing and documentation to give you a complete picture of your fiber network and services rendered. Our tests and documentation allow you to effectively plan for network expansion, complete network loss budgets for planning lasers and equipment to keep your system running at optimal speeds. Our testing includes OTDR, optical loss, CWDM, PMD. Characterization is quoted through our subcontractors.
Q: Who are some examples of companies you have done work for?
A: We work with a variety of companies across the country. Though multiple Dycom industries companies, Mastec, Scientific Atlanta, AFL, Hotwire, GTS, CWSI and many others. Although most of our work currently has been in the Mid-Atlantic and South Eastern US through Time Warner, Sudden Link, Verizon, Media Comm, TIC, Duke Energy, many of our clients have provided testimonials regarding our service and can be contacted for further details if needed.