Fiber Optics to Help Monitor the Way We Move Our Bodies

19187877_S(1)Fiber optic technology has been revolutionizing industries across medical and scientific sectors for decades, but 2015 is ushering forth an entirely new application for itself: smart fashion. Cambridge Consultants have designed a new product, XelfleX, which is a textile designed to monitor the way we move our bodies on a level we’ve never been able to achieve before. The new fabric will serve as a detailed motion sensor.

The textile is thin, durable, lightweight, and waterproof, making it the optimal choice for athletes. Fiber optic threads are woven into close-fitting clothing that is completely machine-washable and therefore practical for daily use. Each thread holds up to ten sensors, which allow for a detailed analysis of each point of motion in flexing joints and muscle movement.

Signals picked up by the sensors are then sent to a power pack, and from there are forwarded to a smartphone. There, the data can be used in fitness tracking applications, but also in apps that track progress for detail moves like golf swings and tennis backhands. The sensors function as an objective coach, pointing out mistakes for self-correction.

While the immediate use for Xelflex is in athletics, creators predict that as video gaming technology improves, it will also be a huge factor in using the sensors as a full-body controller.

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