Fiber Optics Is Changing the Medical Industry

DoctorsIn this blog, especially of late, we’ve been focusing on the bigger picture side of things – like how fiber optics will help with space travel and how Google is revolutionizing the way we communicate in this country and abroad. As we said, the bigger picture, but fiber optics doesn’t necessarily mean communication between you and a friend or between businesses and customers. It also can refer to the way our bodies communicate with health professionals, how we communicate with our bodies.

In other words, fiber optics is helping to map out so to speak of all that might ail us – and fiber optics are changing that relationship for the better, making a huge impact in a variety of medical disciplines including dentistry, cardiology, ophthalmology, urology, and general surgery, as discussed in this Persistence Market Research article.

Persistence reports, “They [fiber optics] are used in devices such as flexible image bundles, illumination and light conductors, laser delivery systems, and flexible light guides. Medical fiber optics are also used in ophthalmic lasers, X-ray imaging, light therapy, lab and clinical diagnostics, diagnostic and surgical instrumentation, surgical microscopy and endoscopy, and dental hand pieces. In addition to this, use of fiber optics in miniaturization of medical devices is a rising trend that has great potential for growth.”

Digging a little deeper into the role fiber optics plays in the medical industry and you quickly discover that there is little that it can’t do, that it has a role in almost every operation you can think of it. You know what the most exciting part about it all? This is only the beginning and at Connected Fiber, we couldn’t be more thrilled.


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