Fiber Optics in the Philippines

Philippines mapIn an earlier post this summer, we discussed the growing role that Washington DC is playing in the implementation of fiber optics all around the country. This of course means regulations and laws. The United States Government, however, isn’t the only government heavily invested in the development of fiber optics. Just look at what’s happening in the Philippines, led by the ambitious efforts of Senator Bam Aquino, currently the youngest Senator of the Philippines of the 16th congress, according to this Inter Aksyon article.

They report, “Senator Bam Aquino on Monday said that it is high time for the government to invest in the building of a high-capacity fiber optic communication backbone like in other countries for speedier access to the Internet.”

Backbone is the most important word in that statement. Fiber optics is the new skeleton of the world. Don’t you think it’s about time we replace the old bones with newer, improved ones? Like how the railroad system changed the way we travel, fiber optics will undoubtedly change the way we communicate. In other words, the future of technology in addition to the long-lasting health of the economy is contingent on the development of a strong fiber optics system that crisscrosses across the land.

At Connected Fiber, we support the efforts of Senator Bam Aquino.

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