Fiber Optics and Internet Governance

21988393_SIn our last two posts, we discussed the increasing role that Washington will be playing in the development and implementation of fiber optics around the country. Think of the government as a kind of skeleton maker putting together the bones of a new communication system. Whenever you seek to completely overhaul a system that has been in place for so many years, you have to expect a little bit of a backlash and thus the government stepping in to enforce rules and regulations.

That’s why we felt it important to write about the topic twice. That information simply must get out to the masses. That being said, all this talk regarding the fiber optics cosmetic makeover of the country has spurred on other articles regarding American Internet usage and the ways we communicate. Some of these articles bring up important questions that could very well shape our future, such as discussing the various pros and cons of Internet governance.

Internet governance sounds like a scary concept, something out of 1984, a totalitarian nightmare of epic proportions – but it’s not that scary; it might even be a necessity. You might be wondering though, hasn’t the Internet been working fine though? In a way, yes – while the Internet is still like the Wild West (not so much anymore, but wildish), it has followed the rules of the wilderness. Think of it like a benevolent anarchy almost that runs itself. This has been the prevailing attitude over the years, but perhaps because of the recent focus on fiber optics and communication, many are asking, “Whom you should you trust to guard the Internet?”

In this The Conversation article, Catherine Easton writes, “The internet today is far bigger and more inextricably linked to our daily lives than its creators in the 1970s and 1980s could have imagined. So perhaps it is not surprising that some of the structures put in place decades ago may have failed to keep pace with its rapid evolution.”

We can certainly lump the development of fiber optics to this rapid evolution and while we’re not taking full credit for the question of Internet governance, we can safely say that is definitely making an impact. As fiber optics become more prevalent in all parts of the country and more (hopefully all!) people have access to faster Internet, expect more talk of Internet governance in the near future.

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