Fiber Optic Trade Show Looks to the Future

Fiber Optic Trade ShowPeople are gaining access to fiber optic technology faster than ever before, which was just one of the many things highlighted at the Northeast Fiber Optic Conference’s recent trade show. Held at the Turning Stone Event Center in Verona, NY last month, the event featured more than a hundred fiber optic companies from around the world.

The hosts behind the trade show attribute the amount of people and companies in attendance to the growing reliance on fiber optic technology. With emerging technology in this field being created at an incredible rate, the amount of people using fiber optics is only going to expand in the future, and this event capitalized on that expectation.

The trade show was not just about companies showing off their latest fiber optic services and products. There were also several events held throughout the weekend in order to discuss some of the latest technology trends, industry practices, and just about everything else about fiber optics. With so many people and companies beginning to realize the potential of fiber optic networks, the event also covered how several rural initiatives are helping people gain access to high-speed broadband.

For most people in the fiber optic industry, the end goal is for everyone to have access to this technology. While there are of course many obstacles in the world, events like this trade show only underline the growing importance of fiber optic technology in our society. There are efforts being made at just about every level to expand broadband technology in every state, and fiber optic companies are playing a large role in these initiatives. Keep checking back for more news and updates about the industry from around the country!

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