Fiber Optic Technology Is Evolving so Quickly

cablesFiber optic technology is evolving so quickly that agencies like the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) and Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) are having difficulty maintaining a certification program for installers and providers that is relevant and up-to-standard.

With fiber optic tech becoming the norm for military and commercial aircraft and the need for more bandwidth becoming a priority for both of these sectors, technicians and certified personnel are becoming quite the hot commodity. Both educators and employers are struggling to keep up with the updates, forming new curriculums and guidelines for certified personnel to meet.

However, the ETA, SAE International, and ARINC have come together to set the standard. Avionics box manufacturers are now dealing almost exclusively with fiber optics, as it’s the only technology that can meet the need for bandwidth in a fairly cost-effective way. As a result, all installers are now required to be certified through this new system.

Most of the recent failed inspections are due to the fairly low-tech end face systems not being maintained properly. Now that employees are being required to pass a certification source, that problem is going to be completely eradicated.

The bottom line is that if employees of avionics tech companies are not properly prepared in their fields as well as in basic fiber optic applications, products are going to fail inspection under both client and governmental standards.

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