Fiber Optic Technology Could Clean up Space

21439780_SAt Connected Fiber, we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting uses of fiber optic technology. Just recently, researchers in Japan have come up with yet another way that fiber optics could be used to make the world a better place. While our fiber optic services deal exclusively with places on the planet Earth, the sky’s not the limit according to a team from the Riken Research Institute. They believe that a fiber optic laser could be used to clean up space junk.

But why exactly is there garbage in space and why does it need to be cleaned up? If you’re confused, we’re here to explain with the help of the following article. There is an estimated half a million pieces of debris currently orbiting Earth, including a mix of everything from rocks to pieces of space shuttles. But it’s not like this junk is getting in anyone’s way, so why does it need to be cleaned up? Well, even a tiny piece of debris traveling at a high speed in space could cause massive damage to a satellite or even a rocket.

Fortunately, there may be a solution in fiber optics. The researchers theorize that you could use an infrared telescope to track the debris, and then use fiber-based lasers to shoot them out of orbit. The debris would fall into Earth’s atmosphere, and because each piece is so small, they would all burn up before they hit the ground.

5843254_SWhile thinking of space is exciting, we can’t forget about the effects that fiber optics have here on planet Earth. The amount of places around the country that have access to reliable fiber optic connections is steadily increasing, with Iowa City the latest in several metropolitan areas that have seen expansion in recent years. We understand that many people around the world still don’t have the opportunity to take advantage of fiber optic technology, but we’re confident that will change at a quicker pace with each passing day. Places like Iowa City have gone from having no fiber optic access to having several options in just a short amount of time.

According to this article, two fiber-optic companies currently have plans to expand into the city, offering internet, TV, and phone options for residents and businesses. Earlier this year, crews from the companies conducted several assessments in the area in order to determine how easy it would be to start offering fiber optic services to the city.

City officials view this as a positive thing, as not only will it give residents more options, but more companies will increase competition, which will only lead to lower service prices. While nothing has been officially been decided yet, it looks like city residents can look forward to at least a couple of options when it comes to fiber optic connectivity.

Iowa City is just the latest area where the demand for faster connection speeds is fostering growth and competition. We hope to see this happen in more cities throughout the country, and of course, suburban and rural areas as well.

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