Fiber Optic Installation

22670122_SThe communities sprinkled across the United States that are experiencing fiber optics networks for the first time know that there’s much more to the technology than a fast Internet connection. Data transmission throughout a town or village can be of great impact in many ways, especially in supporting new business.

As this article published by discusses, the 28-mile fiber optic loop installed in Butte, MT, has already created positive impacts for a number of municipal agencies and private organizations in that city. Public schools, government offices, small businesses and even large corporations all connect to the Internet through the community fiber optic network.

The digital infrastructure of this community has even been attracting some outside investment to the downtown section of Butte. Hoplite Industries, a cyber-security firm, recently decided to base their business in the city because of the number of businesses connected to the fiber optics loop that it could cater to.

City officials have stated that they’re interested in protecting existing businesses and attracting investment, and they see the fiber optics loop as a major foundation for future growth. Butte has received a great deal of financial help to bring this product to fruition, including $400,000 in grants from the Department of Commerce and the Washington Foundation, and a $50,000 grant recently secured by the city to help market the network to businesses.

That may seem like a sizable public contribution for these projects, but when that investment pays off in new business opportunities, the positive impacts can be felt throughout the whole community. In the new century, business professionals will be more tech savvy than ever, so the municipalities, which have worked Internet connections into their infrastructure, will be a step ahead of the rest when it comes to attracting investment.

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