Fiber Optic Important to Future Economy

Commercial Real Estate StructureWith every passing year and decade, new industries become more prominent while others shrink. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that the fiber optic industry is just getting started. In fact, if we’re to have a healthy economy in the future it’s going to be highly dependent on the success and spread of fiber optic technology. That sentiment was echoed at a recent event in Burlington, Vermont.

Hosted by a nonprofit organization called U.S. Ignite, the event featured a talk about Bill Wallace. As the executive director of the organization that was founded by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Wallace has seen firsthand how access to fiber optic networks can transform communities and lead to new economic growth.

Burlington is one such city across America, with more joining it on a yearly basis. Residents of the city not only have access to fiber-optic networks, it is leading growth in the area’s business and technology communities.

While this specific conference was in part put together by U.S. Ignite’s local affiliate, BVT Ignite, there are similar branches across the country doing the same. One of the goals of the organization is to educate members of the community, business leaders, and everyone else about the benefits of fiber optic technology. Not only do they emphasize the advantages of using this technology, but they underline the positive impact is had had and will continue to have on the national and global economy.

We’re excited to know that the fiber optic industry is just getting started, and we’ll keep you updated about where it continues to go in the future.


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