Fiber Optic Fireworks and a Stronger America

8999520_SWhew – what a Fourth of July weekend! We hope you had a good a time as we did at Connected Fiber. It’s always nice, a much-needed relief should we say, to get together with close friends and family, and celebrate the beauty and glory that is the United States of America. While watching the fireworks spill out into the skies like brightly colored floodwaters, it got us thinking about how much we love this country we call home and ways we can improve it, and it led us to, no surprise here, fiber optics. It’s a well-known fact that America has slow internet and in terms of industrialized nations, such as those in Europe, we are lagging way, way behind. It is downright embarrassing. By having slow internet, we all suffer – we know, we know – it sounds like a “first-world problem,” but it’s true – how can businesses, the very same businesses that hold this country’s economy together, function at max efficiency if their internet networks are slowing down business transactions? The answer is simple: they can’t. How can students, from elementary school to college, learn at max efficiency if the tablets or laptops they’re doing homework on or using in the classroom are unable to tap into very best that the World Wide Web has to offer? The answer is simple: they can’t. So, what gives America? From here on out, we at Connected Fiber want to encourage a fiber optics revolution to sweep the nation, from the smallest towns in America to the largest metropolises. What do you think? Are you on board? Because we want America to maintain its strength and beauty, and fiber optics might just be the thing to make that a reality.

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