Fiber Optic Experiment Causes Photons Interaction

audit3Light has always been an unusual thing in the world, with waves of light not even interacting with each other like waves of water might disorient the flow of water. Photons are even more unusual since they happen to be the one type of matter that moves the fastest in the world without breaking laws of physics.

That’s what makes photons so unique to work with, and in turn light. Sometimes it just doesn’t function at all the same like other matter and energy does. That’s why we see things like floating plasma blades being made, and most recently an experiment that resulted in a unique fusion of two single photons together.

The experiment ran a photon through fiber optic cables, and then through a resonator, and finally back through the same cable. The photon when it came back through the cable, interacted in almost a completely opposite way than it had previously because it was coupled with another photon, or entangled.

The experiment doesn’t seem like much at first, but more of it makes sense when you realize that this kind of experiment and learning to couple photons together is what can lead to quantum light computing, and the creation of technology that no longer requires things like encryptions because the photons can’t be intercepted.

Seeing that we were able to achieve this with fiber optics, only helps further cement that fiber optic cables are the wave of the future, and will lead to new and incredible things for both the internet and computers at large, with further quantum computing capabilities.


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