Fiber Optic Education

20384708_SIt seems that fiber optic technology is no longer being quarantined to medical and internet-based fields. As a result, education in how to use fiber optic technology, as well as where to begin with new, innovative uses of the technology is booming.

The Light Brigade, a resource that conducts seminars across Canada detailing possibilities for fiber optic usage, has upped their course schedule to include a whopping 13 different types of fiber optic seminars this year.

The courses are geared at current technicians and installers as well as potential users. One of the new courses, “Advanced Hands-On Training” is specifically focused on cable installation and repair. Another course, “Fiber Optics for Oil/Gas,” is part safety course and part fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Curriculum will lean greatly on maintenance in high-risk environments as well as new content in fiber-optic sensing theory and sensing applications.

There are also three new certification courses being put into effect this year dealing with fiber optics for ITS, fire alarms, communications systems, and traffic. These will qualify technicians to inspect and approve systems that may be outdated in this rapidly growing industry. The certifications will be valid in Canada as well as the rest of North America.

Courses will be available in Vancouver, BC; Toronto, ON; Halifax, NS; Calgary, AB; and Winnipeg, MB. For more information, check out their website at

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